Setting Up Play along Maths

The materials required to set up Play along Maths are as follows

A.Play along Maths Starter Pack

B. Appropriate Games

C. Play along Maths Cards


The Starter Pack includes copies in print and/or CD form of all the parent materials required to run . This pack includes:

(a) Aims
(b) A printed detailed guide for setting up and running Play along Maths
(c) Order forms and copies of all catalogues
(d) Parent support materials for running Play along Maths

Daily Diary
Evaluation Sheets
Parent and Child Certificates

(e) Curriculum areas relevant to each game


A Library of good quality commercial games is essential, appropriate to the developmental needs and
age group of the children involved in the sessions .

Recommended Games / sets of toys are not sold by . Catalogues are available which list the games available from standard educational suppliers (online) which are supported by Play along Maths cards



Each game has a Play along Maths card written especially to match the game.
The cards are supplied by Play along Maths and are available to support games appropriate for Pre3 , Pre5, Primary 1, and Primary 2-3 levels

Click below to see sample Play along Maths cards

Additional bilingual English/Gaelic cards are available for some of the Pre5 and Primary 2-3 cards on request.

  Pre-3 Pre-5 Primary1 Primary 2-3  

Each of these cards includes
(a) Play a Long -instructions for playing the game - sometimes additional to the supplier's game instructions
(b) Chat a Long - a list of mathematically related words which are relevant to the game which parents are encouraged to use and emphasise when playing the game.
(c) Relevant curricular areas
e.g. For the Pre-5 Card 03 "Ring a Ring a Rainbow" the curricular areas are
"Curriculum for Excellence - Mathematics Level:Early
. .. Measurement .. Patterns & Relationships .. Properties 2D Shapes & 3D Objects"