Play along Maths Materials

Orders and Downloads

Since most orders for Play along Maths materials will come from educational establishments, it is assumed that all payments will be made after submission of an appropriate order form, and the provision of an appropriate invoice after delivery of goods .

At the moment there is no facility for ordering or paying for materials on-line via the website.


The standard v order form and price list can be be downloaded here

Order form - -----------VIEW - Download


The starter pack can be ordered by downloading and completing the order form and posting it to

Play a long Maths, 12 MacTaggart Road, Cumbernauld, Scotland G67 1JL


Catalogues of games supported by v are available free and can be downloaded here . These give details of the games supported by v with prices and catalogue numbers from the relevant suppliers . These catalogues also have a tear off strip which can be used for ordering Playalongmaths cards.

Separate catalogues are available for

Pre 5 Level-------------------------------- View / Download ( .pdf)
Primary 1 Level-------------------------- View / Download ( .pdf)
Primary 2/3 Level------------------------ View / Download ( .pdf)
Pre 3 Level--------------------------------- View / Download ( .pdf)

playalongmaths Cards

These are ordered by ticking the appropriate items in the game catalogues and returning the appropriate tear-off strips, listing the cards required , along with the completed Play along Mathsorder form.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Adobe Acrobat Reader program is required to view most of the downloadable files which are in .pdf format.This is a widely available free program, but if you do not have this program installed, it can be download here

Download Acrobat Reader