Both Lydia and Rona believe in the imporatance of evaluation and feedback on the working , effects and benefits of the programme.

Built into the Play along Maths programme is an evaluation sheet for parents - "What Do You Think?" - which allows the parent to make written and more considered responses.

In general , Play along Maths is evaluated by

The PARENTS through the

Daily Diary,
Feed back at Weekly Meetings  
 “What do you Think”   evaluation sheet.

Parents like the programme because :

It helps raise their awareness of mathematical activities they do daily in the home and community
It increases their children's use of mathematical language
It increases the time they spend playing with their children
It gives them a focus to talk with their children
It gives them an opportunity to speak to and further develop their partnership with school staff

The CHILDREN through the

Daily Diary weekly
Chatting to their friends, teachers and parents
By their weekly choice of a toy or game

The STAFF through the

Staff Planning & Reflection Meetings together and with parents 
Response to parents verbal feedback at weekly meetings
Reflection on the " What do you think?" sheets and their response to the comments made

Teachers like the programme because:

They find the children have more positive attitudes to mathematical activities and language
They experience improved partnership with parents
It gives parents an opportunity to play games at home which help mathematical understanding